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Families Struggling to Overcome a Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer is a growing concern in Connecticut, and medical estimates predict that our state will see over 21,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed this year. Tragically, it’s anticipated that more than 6,500 Connecticut residents will lose their lives to cancer this year. And this does not take into account other diseases every bit as dangerous as cancer affecting thousands of people in our area.

Ambassadors for Families in Medical Crisis

Leggett Insurance Agency is deeply concerned about increases in cancer and other serious illnesses affected families in our community. As Regional Ambassadors for #AgentsofChange, we are launching a campaign to provide much-needed support and relief to these families.

Our goals are to help provide logistical, transportation, and financial assistance to those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illnesses, as well as to improve quality of life situations for those receiving treatment or who are hospitalized. We will also be supporting a series of donation drives to raise money for cancer research.

There are thousands of families in the region that need our help, and we can reach them without your support.

Help Us Share our Message

Instead of a donation, we’re asking you to help us share our message by inviting your friends or family members to visit us here at Leggett Insurance Agency. We will provide a free insurance consultation and more information on this campaign to each person you invite, and then we will make a donation IN YOUR NAME to a local support program or outreach initiative that provides assistance to families facing cancer or other serious illnesses.

Offering a Helping Hand

There are many families in the Farmington area that are in desperate need of relief. Join us, and let’s offer a helping hand together.


Jamie Leggett

Leggett Insurance Agency

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