Brave Little Ones

In Support of: The Mill Foundation For kids

Approximately 15,700 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Battling cancer can take its toll, not only on these resilient youngsters’ physical well-being, but also on their emotional state. As a result, many kids with cancer struggle with: anguish, distress, depression, and other terrible symptoms associated with the prophylaxis of this disease.

The Mill Foundation For Kids has been actively vested in the welfare of children with cancer and other critical pediatric illnesses. Their goal is to provide hope and comfort to these little ones by bringing them toys, video games, arts & crafts, and other gifts. Studies have shown that having alternative complimentary treatments helps in the recovery process. The Mill Foundation also supports research for cancer and other pediatric illnesses aimed at early detection efforts and finding cures.

The Mill Foundation hopes to give kids and their families the necessary tools and willpower to tackle a great challenge. Our agency wants to help their ongoing efforts by raising awareness and funds to their life-saving mission.

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