Disability Insurance

Here are some reasons why you should purchase disability insurance:

To replace lost income
For you if you can no longer do your job, in the case you are injured
For peace of mind for you and your family
Some people are fortunate enough to have some disability insurance provided by their employer. However, employer-provided coverage will likely stop if you leave the job and there’s a good chance it won’t meet all of your needs. So how can you make sure you are safeguarded should an injury occur? We recommend working with our financial experts to determine how much protection you should to purchase.

Disability income insurance can replace lost income. Forty-three percent of all people age 40 will have a long-term (lasting 90 days or more) disability event by age 65. The challenge with disability income is determining how much to purchase and how long to wait after the injury before the policy starts paying out, but our team can help you through this process.

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