Restaurant/Brewery Insurance

The Rummel history starts with beer

Rummel Insurance is a family-owned agency in Frankenmuth, Michigan. They have earned the Trusted Choice designation for their long history in protecting businesses from financial risk. But, the Rummel archives start with beer.
Founders of the Frankenmuth Geyer Brothers’ Brewing Company, Michigan’s original brewery, the Rummel family has been in the craft beer industry since 1874.
Because of Rummel Insurance’s confident background and influence in our Great Beer State, they have earned loyal clients like Frankenmuth Brewery, Dark Horse Brewing (featured on a recent reality series on the History Channel called Dark Horse Nation) and Motor City Brewing Co.
Let Rummel Insurance present you with an honest and supportive risk analysis proposal. Their agents will tailor a craft beer or restaurant insurance package that covers what you need without the cost for coverage you don’t need.

We know what insurance you need to protect your business:
Commercial Property & Liability
Inland Marine
Commercial Auto
Workers Compensation
Liquor Liability
Employment Practices Liability
Umbrella/Excess Liability
Cyber Liability/Network Breach
Product Recall

Over the last 25 years, Rummel Insurance has expanded three-fold, insuring over 20 craft brewers and even picking up some of the biggest and best clients in the hospitality and agriculture industries. With a staff dedicated to learning, developing, and growing, it’s no wonder that three Rummel Insurance agents, including Greg Rummel, have received the Michigan Agent of the Year award, which recognizes the state’s top insurance agent in professional standing, business achievement, service to the industry, and community involvement. Read more about Rummel Insurance here.

Here’s what they’re saying about Rummel Insurance:

“Greg’s family has a long history of brewing, and he knows the craft beer industry. Greg’s confident background precipitates his influence in our Great Beer State.”—Haithem Sarafa-Frankenmuth Brewing Company Rummel Agent
Greg Rummel

“Dark Horse Brewing Co. has an agent that delivers on assurances that we can keep doing what we do best—‘out-of-the-ordinary’ brewing exceptionalism.”—Aaron Morse-Dark Horse Brewing Company Rummel Agent Greg Rummel

“Motor City Brewing Works is craft beer…and our insurance is hand-crafted for us.”—Dan Scarsella Motor City Brewing Works Rummel Agent Greg Rummel